Thai Union Group say that they are adopting the Corbion-made ingredient following a successful large scale trial in 2019.

As one of the fastest growing species within the aquaculture industry, farmed shrimp currently account for 55 percent of global shrimp production.

According to a press release: “The expanded adoption of AlgaPrime DHA by Thai Union Feedmill PCL reflects a priority to utilise ingredients that are traceable, reliable and sustainably produced. As an additional source of omega-3s, AlgaPrime DHA is a native, whole algae ingredient that contains high levels of omega-3 DHA, approximately twice as high as the omega-3s found in commonly used fish oils.”

AlgaPrime is produced through fermentation, using non-GM cane sugar as a feedstock.

“At Thai Union, we value driving innovation for a sustainable seafood industry and as such, we look to source new and innovative products that operationalize our SeaChange sustainability goals,” said Darian McBain, global director of corporate affairs and sustainability at Thai Union. “Our expanded work with Corbion progresses our goals on responsible sourcing by making efficient use of marine resources in aquaculture feed and complementing this with the use of alternative oils and proteins. The work with Corbion is helping to provide feed solutions that support optimal nutrition, consistency and supply chain transparency for our network of shrimp farmers.”

“We are thrilled to expand adoption of AlgaPrime DHA in shrimp feed through our partnership with Thai Union,” said Chris Haacke, global aquaculture lead at Corbion. “AlgaPrime DHA is positioned to change the landscape of the fast-growing sustainable shrimp aquaculture industry by offering a proven solution to farmers and seafood producers.”


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