The company of Dutch origin Royal DSM, global purpose-led science-based, announced it has reached an agreement to acquire Prodap, a Brazilian animal nutrition and technology company that combines technology offerings, consulting services, and customized nutritional solutions to drive efficiency and sustainability in animal farming. The transaction, which remains subject to customary conditions, is expected to close in 2022.

Ivo Lansbergen, EVP DSM Animal Nutrition & Health, aseguró: “La necesidad de una ganadería sostenible nunca ha sido mayor ni más urgente. La nutrición de precisión es una vía clave para mejorar la eficiencia y la sostenibilidad de la ganadería, creando valor para una serie de partes interesadas, incluidos los agricultores y la sociedad en general. Por ello, estoy encantado de unir fuerzas con Prodap para ofrecer a nuestros clientes soluciones de agricultura de precisión, que contribuirán a una ganadería más sostenible para todos. Juntos, lo hacemos posible”.

Based in Belo-Horizonte, Prodap is at the forefront of the market for digital solutions, which is growing particularly quickly in Brazil. Prodap combines nutrition, consultancy, and technology services to optimize ruminant farming operations. Prodap has operations in the states of Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais and employs 330 employees, serving more than 5,000 farms across Brazil with impressive customer loyalty rates.

Through its portfolio of digital solutions, Prodap collects data and develops insights in real time, which are then translated into tailored nutritional solutions for customers, with remote or in-person support provided by its experienced consultants.

Need for sustainable animal farming

By harnessing the power of Prodap’s digital solutions, DSM will take another step forward in its Precision & Personalization journey. According with a press release of the company, DSM will strengthen and further develop its digital solutions to reach more markets globally and species, enabling smarter nutritional decision-making thanks to artificial intelligence and other tools.

The intent is that Prodap will complement DSM’s deep animal nutrition knowledge and advisory capabilities with its extensive consultancy experience, facilitating an even higher level of customer experience. Additionally, by supporting more efficient farming, the acquisition contributes to DSM’s commitment to enabling a double-digit reduction in on-farm livestock emissions by 2030 as part of its 2021 food system commitments.

Leonardo Sá, CEO of Prodap, said: “We are delighted to have found a company like DSM that sincerely shares our purpose on transforming the livestock worldwide and vision of adopting the new technologies essential to achieving sustainable and efficient farming. We look forward to accelerating the expansion of these new technologies in the industry, together with DSM.”

Two precision nutrition solutions

Precision farming is growing rapidly, driven by the increasing demand for sustainability, efficiency, traceability, and animal welfare in food systems under pressure to provide the world’s rising population with animal protein.

DSM’s precision nutrition solutions for animal nutrition and health include Verax, a unique and innovative integrated animal management system that leverages data to provide a deeper understanding of the health, productivity, and welfare of animals; and Sustell, an intelligent sustainability service designed to enhance the environmental sustainability of animal protein production.

As they say, Royal DSM is a global, purpose-led company in Health, Nutrition & Bioscience, applying science to improve the health of people, animals and the planet. “DSM’s purpose is to create brighter lives for all”.

DSM’s products and solutions address some of the world’s biggest challenges while simultaneously creating economic, environmental and societal value for all its stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, and society at large. The company was founded in 1902 and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.


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