This new volume of The Shrimp Book is complementary to the first, bringing together new knowledge, new technologies, new perspectives and new ideas from 98 international authors, from both academia and industry.

While Volume I was conceived from the academic experience, this new volume originates from the farming experience.

There are six parts. Part I on sustainability and insurance, is followed by Part II on the shrimp as an animal: functional anatomy, its genome and genetics.

Part III covers production systems: microbial, water and oxygen management, and Part IV feeds and feeding including feeding behaviour and automatic feeders.

The fifth part is on biosecurity covering shrimp response to virus, epigenetic management, new and old pathogens, and disinfectants.

“Finally, there is Part VI on post-harvest issues looking into trade and quality control concerns.”

The Shrimp Book II is addressed to shrimp producers and service providers, researches and students. It brings together academic perspectives and the most recent development in field practices.

Victoria Alday-Sanz has over 35 years’ experience working on diverse aspects of shrimp and fish biosecurity covering understanding of disease process, diagnostics, sanitary legislation, health management, genetics and biosecurity.

“She has often collaborated as an expert for international organizations such as FAO, EU, EFSA and OIE.”

She has published approximately 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 70 articles in industry magazines and is the co-author, together with Prof. Tim Flegel, of the CD-ROM Diagnosis of Shrimp Diseases, with an emphasis on Penaeus monodon, and is the editor of The Shrimp Book.

“Currently, she is the Director of Biosecurity and Breeding Programs of NAQUA. Although she started her career in academics, she has spent the last 13 years dedicated to industrial scale production of shrimp and fish.”

This book combines this new perspective with the policy and development experience.



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