UK fishing boatThe total operating profit for the UK fleet in 2019 was GB£240m. Photo: Quentin Bates

The UK’s fishing fleet recorded its third GB£1bn turnover year in 2019, a new report from Seafish shows.

Economics of the UK Fishing Fleet 2019 reveals that the total operating profit for the UK fleet in 2019 was GB£240m. This is similar to the previous year as a decrease in total costs helped to offset a decrease in income from fishing.

Seafish has also launched a new online fleet enquiry tool that allows users to access and explore the underlying data from the report more easily.

Arina Motova, chief economist at Seafish, said: “Accurate economic data from the fishing fleet helps to inform policy decisions and improve fisheries management. We saw earlier this year how significant this data can be when the UK government and devolved administrations used it to inform the Covid-19 support packages they created for fishing businesses.

“We hope that this latest report and our new Fleet Enquiry Tool will be of value to government, the industry as a whole, and to individual vessel owners and skippers.”

The total fishing income of the fleet decreased from GB£1.01bn in 2018 to GB£980m in 2019, as the total weight of landings decreased by 12%. Crew costs also decreased from GB£266m in 2018 to GB£258m in 2019, with the drop in fishing income likely reducing the amount of money available to distribute among crew.

The fleet enquiry tool includes data for fleet economic performance, landings and activity as well as showing the performance of different classes of vessel over time. It allows users to easily filter and compare data relating to the UK fishing fleet as well as generate graphs and visualisations.

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