The organizers of the Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo have confirmed that the 24th edition of the event will be held between August 24 and 26 of this year. The Tokyo International Exhibition Center ‘Tokyo Big Sight’ East Hall will host the fair, which this time will be joined by a new event, the Fish Next Technology Expo.

This Japanese expo is a conventional exhibition form based on face-to-face business negotiations between exhibitors and buyers organized by the Japan Fisheries Association. In three days, the exhibitors will show their new products and services. It is worth remembering that, like many other events in the sector, the fair could not be held during the past year 2021 due to the incidence of the covid-19 pandemic.

“The organization assures that this will be a great opportunity to easily publicize everything from the announcement of a new product to the expansion of new sales networks, greetings once a year, etc.”

The exhibits profile is businessman in seafood, wild-caught and farmed fishes in Japan and overseas; processed seafood products and delicatessen, and a long etcetera.

The visitors will know and make business in:

  •  processed fishery products, 
  • seafood side dishes; 
  • seasonings and food additives; 
  • fishery processing equipment; 
  • freezing, refrigerating, 
  • packaging and logistics equipment and services; 
  • HACCP countermeasure equipment, 
  • services, 
  • food hygiene management equipment and technology; 
  • fisheries industry, fish market modernization technology;
  •  kitchen equipment and cooking utensils; 
  • and sushi business.

Specifically , in the land and sea surface aquaculture technology section will be exhibitors of aquaculture management system and water quality management; measuring instrument, ultraviolet and ozone sterilization device, fishing ground, farm and marine environment conservation equipment; filter and water purification devices; water quality improving agents, water tanks, live fish transportation equipment; technology feed and nutrition; filtration products, fishing nets and net feeding equipment; epidemic prevention and seedling related; underwater cameras, fishing boats and related equipment.

Promoting the modernization and sustainable fishing industry

The changing fishing environment, aging fisherman and labor shortages have all forced the fishery industry to evolve in recent years. And is for that, that the organization has announced that, in the same days of the Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo, will be lauched the new tech co-event called Fish Next Technology Expo.

This gathering will promote the modernization and sustainable fishing industry through the introduction of new technologies and ideas, such as AI, IoT and robotics technology, to fisheries businesses and sites.

“Fishery is fundamental of Japan’s industry, that’s why it is an important project to provide food to the people of the country surrounded by the sea.”

Due to fluctuation in the recent natural fishing environment, aging of fishermen, shortage of workers, etc., by introducing new technology in fishery, it is possible to improve the environment by saving energy, increase efficiency, lightening the labor etc., while meeting the increasing demands for modernization.

“There is an increasing number of industries incorporating digital technology, evolving and transforming business models themselves, and attracting new attention.”

Therefore, the organization has established the ‘Fish Next EXPO’ within ‘Seafood Show’ to present robot technology, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Internet of Things IoT and other advanced technologies/ ideas, “we are seeking to widely recruit participants to promote fishery to a stable and attractive industry. We look forward to active participation of everyone who has the applicable technology and ideas”, they said.

“Some of the companies that will be presenting at this first edition of the Fish Next Technology EXPO are ISE, based in Mie Prefecture, which will present one of its latest developments, the marine IoT product ‘Umi log’.”

Another is Blue Ocean Research Institute, from Saitama, which will bring its development of a buoy system that monitors real-time environmental information such as flow, water quality and weather of the ocean, lakes and rivers.

Also present will be AquaFusion (from Hyogo), which has perfected a basic fish finder to identify and determine the size of individual fish down to 3 centimeters, called AquaMagic.

The drone industry will be represented by Airds, Six Voice produces the BlueROV2 industrial underwater drone and Chasing-Innovation Technology from China, based in Shenzhen, among many others.


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