CFPO CEO, Paul Trebilcock Photo: CFPOCFPO CEO, Paul Trebilcock Photo: CFPO

The Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation (CFPO) has responded to the 5.5 year ‘adjustment period’ within the Brexit trade deal by issuing a statement of policies and aims covering 2021 to 2026.

The statement, issued to members and MPs last week, details the goals for 2021 and sets out the priorities of the CFPO in protecting the interests of its members, marketing Cornish seafood and building a strong future for the fishing industry.

Each year, from now through to the end of the adjustment period, the CFPO has committed to issuing a further statement which will provide a road map against which CFPO chief executive, Paul Trebilcock, will hold decision-makers and politicians to account.

“It’s been a tough start to the year, but at the CFPO we wanted to take in the lay of the land, consider what the TCA and the Fisheries Act both mean for our members – on the water, in real terms – and deliver a positive, proactive plan to make sure we are continually working to strengthen fishing communities across Cornwall,” said Mr Trebilcock.

“Whether this is through innovative marketing of our sustainable catch, building local apprenticeship schemes, or committing to being on-top of  legislative and policy development – we wanted to set out our goals publicly, invite discussion with members, and show Defra, politicians and others how we’ll be building up to the end of the adjustment period in 2026. We didn’t get what we wanted from the TCA, but we can still build new opportunities for the seafood sector in Cornwall,” he added.

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