Falklands Fish Farming is engaged in researching the aquaculture potential of a novel deep sea marine finfish and is looking for a Manager.

The Manager will have responsibility to the Board for all aspects of the operation, including managing the research facility and staff and ensuring that data and recording systems are maintained and developed.

The Company is planning a new purpose-built aquaculture research facility and the Manager will play an important part in providing the Board with the information necessary to take this project forward.

The candidate will ideally have:
• Proven working experience in a marine fin fish hatchery (Cold water species preferred)
• Proficient in live food culture
• Proven R&D experience in either academic or commercial field
• Experience with Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
• Familiarity with best practices and biological performance standards
• Project management and supervision skills
• Postgraduate degree in Biology, Marine Biology or relevant field
• Commercial awareness
• Team working skills

Further information and to make an application please contact: Dr Adrian Love, Falklands Fish Farming Ltd. Email [email protected]

The closing date for all applications will be Friday 21st January 2022.


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