Valka launches new IQF gradersValka’s batching and packing robot eliminates overpack. Photo: Valka

Icelandic high-tech company Valka has designed two new graders for batching and automatic packing IQF frozen products and, offering numerous new features compared to traditional graders.

Valka’s High-speed Portion Grader is a multi-lane grader which can be constructed with up to four lanes, with products sorted by weight and dimensions. Options include assembly with a fully automatic infeed system or the traditional circular infeed.

Instead of the conventional pneumatic arms, the grader is equipped with gentle handling dropping mechanism at each gate, so the products flow smoothly into the buffer. In addition, the grader can be supplied to pack to bulk packaging or to smaller type boxes and attached takeaway conveyors.

According to Valka, the High-speed Portion Grader has unparalleled per square metre throughput.

The Aligner Packing Robot automatically packs IQF fillets or portions according to the most demanding packing requirements with absolute minimum overpack.
Unlike traditional batching graders that make decisions based on a statistical guess, the Valka Packing Robot registers the weights of numerous pieces in advance before applying a game theory algorithm.

This enables it to continually optimise the best solution based on actual piece weights, resulting in close to zero giveaway (overpack).

This grader is equipped with a carousel system with built-in cars that pick up and transport the product. An integrated cartesian robot then gently slides the portion for delivery directly above the final packaging.

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