Warm-water pond aquaculture relies on optimal conditions Photo: Bayer Animal HealthWarm-water pond aquaculture relies on optimal conditions Photo: Bayer Animal Health

Bayer Animal Health has signed supply and distribution agreements with water treatment technology suppliers, Cytozyme Laboratories and Chengdu Kehongda Technology, as well as farm management technology provider, XpertSea Solutions.

These agreements will see farmers in key shrimp producing countries gaining greater access to pond water environment management technologies, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability.

“We are proud to be able to play a leading role in offering shrimp producers an application program of non-pharmaceutical pond-water treatment products that make up a comprehensive solution,” said Jan Koesling, global aquaculture manager at Bayer Animal Health.

Warm-water pond aquaculture contributes 55% of shrimp produced globally and water treatment solutions play a critical role, enabling producers to manage the complex ecosystem. As part of the agreement with Cytozyme, Bayer Animal Health will commercialise Proquatic PondRestore, a product that enhances metabolisation activities in the pond-soil and pond-water environment.

The partnership with Chengdu Kehongda follows the inclusion of Dyvon PondAcid to Bayer Animal Health’s water treatment solution program in China. The product is a pond-water conditioner that supports the quality of phytoplankton populations and maintains levels of dissolved oxygen in the pond water.

Finally, by joining forces with XpertSea, Bayer Animal Health aims to advance digital farming in shrimp aquaculture. The agreement offers smart devices and software for a comprehensive approach to data driven farm management as part of its integrated services in China, Ecuador, India and Vietnam.

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