Wise adapts to changing business landscapeJón Heiðar Pálsson heads sales and marketing at Icelandic company Wise Solutions

“It’s business as usual – but not as usual,” said Jón Heiðar Pálsson, who heads sales and marketing at Icelandic company Wise Solutions, which has adapted rapidly to a very new working environment.

“Many elements in our everyday lives have changed due to the global Covid-19 crisis. Our sales and marketing activities at Wise Solutions are no exception, although developments have not been in quite the direction we expected. We have rarely been so busy here in sales and marketing,” he said.

“Projects are piling up and the company is expanding, with new staff members joining the Wise team and contributing to the growth of the company. A big part of this expansion is thanks to the way we have been able to develop, adapt to change and evolve during the current pandemic.”

Wise CEO Jóhannes Helgi Guðjónsson commented that a key part of meeting customers, the usual conferences, conventions and other meetings, have all been cancelled this year – including the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, where Wise is a longstanding participant.

“The annual events such as the seafood exhibitions in Brussels, Boston and the Iceland Fisheries Exhibition are occasions that we look forward to every year,” he said.

“We would normally be able to meet our customers and partners at these events as well as connect with potential new clients. In the light of recent circumstances, some adaptation or change was needed.”

Many of the systems that Wise provides are central to the workflows of seafood production, dispatch and sales around the world, and the company’s customer base continues to expand around the world.

“The solutions that Wise has to offer provide a powerful dashboard overview for administration – a key component for successful management. Power BI, Wise Analyzer, Cubes and SharePoint are tools that will help you with daily operation and analysis,” Jón Heiðar Pálsson said.

“It is important to make use of available software systems and realise their full potential to optimise workflows and real-time operating status reports. Current digital developments bring endless possibilities while paperless accounting further emphasises environmental awareness and a positive future direction in business development. Automation and real-time registrations along with detailed knowledge of your status on debts, loans and inventories can play a major role in effective corporate operations, and can indeed prove vital during times of restraint.”

He commented that it has never been more important to be able to utilise technology.

“There are significant possibilities that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer regarding communication channels, data sharing and central transmission and submission of information. SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Dynamics 365 and CRM systems are just some of the tools that have made it possible for us to take excellent care of our customers during these difficult times. Microsoft offers a solution for almost every problem. We at Wise Solutions have made use of these fantastic tools, and we consider ourselves to be fortunate in flourishing during this pandemic. However, we know for a fact that a great deal of hard work and diligence from our employees also underlies this success.”

He added that while Wise has been busy this year, despite the pandemic, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Staff have had to adapt quickly to a new regime with teams split and separated to prevent infection, and longer hours working remotely instead of on site. As a software provider, Wise has been well placed to quickly develop the systems and procedures to make this possible, and to maintain its close links with customers around the world.

“There are lessons to be learned in all of this. We all have the capability to constantly improve ourselves and our way of living,” Jón Heiðar Pálsson said.

“In future, there will be less work-related travel, while the number of face-to-face meetings will decrease as we make use of available tools and systems. And if we look on the bright side, these changes will also have a positive effect on our carbon footprint.”

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